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District 05 For Albert Slocum

Primary Voting is on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 from 7:00a.m. to 8:00p.m.

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Committed To Results

To find out where to go to vote based on your precinct or registered information, please go to https://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/VoterSearch

Results start at the top.  Making District 5 a priority means putting Citizens, Families, Our Schools, Communities, and Small businesses first.  Mr. Slocum is a leader with a hands on approach in representing District 5.  He wants to create a World Class Educational System where every Parent,Teacher, and Student can be proud and excel!  The goal in education is to bring about change where our school system is free from corruption, manipulation, and is able to provide a safe and productive environment for every student to honestly do well Mr. Slocum will fight to support free education to all Citizens attending public schools and colleges.  In addition, his advocacy efforts will continue to fight for what is right.  He understands and believes that there should be more action in accommodating our seniors making sure they are well taken care of along with individuals with disabilities.  Helping families become more aware and active in exercising best health and wellness practices make a difference.  We must help keep communities strong and safe by getting to the root causes such as  minimizing the stress levels through group eConomics and creating job opportunities from resourceful networks and consortiums.  Don't stay at home or work.  Get out to vote and let's take the battle to the Voting Polls.  Prince George's County must move forward and ahead.

How is this done?  We stand and work together to promote cleaner, safer, and stronger communities while supporting socially responsible programs, initiatives, and businesses.  For example, when businesses experience growth and expansion, good jobs can be created at the local levels where residents and citizens are gainfully employed. 

Training and developing skills also help improve the skills that encourage quality of customer service...attracting more repeat clientele that are willing to pay top dollars. The more success realized, the more businesses can redirect or reinvest into our communities and their employees; hence, building a stable workforce and environment. Morale and job satisfaction are also important factors.  For instance, pay-scale increases for employees/professionals such as teachers and public safety along with helping all Veterans transition from active duty to civilian life make a world of difference in and outside of our communities.  

Though certain issues may require more attention than others, we must keep alert of the issues concerning the inherited human trafficking and homelessness in District 5. Human trafficking and homelessness won’t go away unless more is directly done to work with other legislative leaders, law enforcement agencies, communities and families.  Mr. Slocum is compassionate about making sure that every citizen is treated with dignity and respect, and that the appropriate resources are available to help.  

It’s important to working diligently with advocates, activists, homeowners, civic associations, unions, community leaders, and law enforcement agencies while determining what laws and policies to enact. Laws and policies must be fair and just to avoid any discriminatory practices while at the same time serve and protect the best interest of law abiding citizens of District 5. Thanks to the efforts of law enforcement agencies and partners, violent crimes in District 5 have been successfully lower and the focus for more outreach initiatives to help protect  people of District 5 from adverse concerns such as domestic violence, safety in our schools, and property crimes can be redirected to building sustainable communities.

In addition to continuing our efforts in moving District 5 ahead, family and social services initiatives are critical to the vitality of our communities. We must determine the attributes and learn from the successes of our current progressive leaders so to better implement more viable case specific programs geared toward helping many people in need. 

Creating clear and concise guidelines and policies help support individuals and families by offering viable solutions enabling them to transition from dependent to more livable and stable situations. When lives are transformed, the impact on our communities and businesses are realized as a result of more individuals improving their overall social and financial circumstances. When circumstances change for the better, individuals and families do better and can reciprocate back into their households, communities, businesses, and Districts. Get out to vote District 5!  Vote for Albert Slocum, County Council, District 5!!! 

We are the Voices & Future of District 5

District 5 consists of constituents living in Bladensburg, Cheverly, Colmar Manor, Cottage City, Edmonston, Fairmount Heights, Glenarden, Glendale, Landover(Hyattsville), Landover Hills, Lanham, Mitchellville, South Bowie,and Springdale.  We have a moral responsibility.  There are many resources available to help, but we must do a better job sharing, getting the word out, and helping more people get access to viable services. See or experience something of concern or interest? Get in the know to accessing information that effectively connects communities between Prince Georgians and public officials. 

Keeping our infrastructure in tune with technological advancements are excellent ways to help us effectively adapt and deal with unexpected changes. Change comes in many ways; and planning for the future may vary from individual to individual.  In order to help create sustainability, our legislative efforts must influence positive change on behalf of the people of Prince George's County in various areas but not limited to  personal growth, professional development, sustainable careers, financial, and retirement readiness. 

Enacting legislation at the County level is serious business and involves a compassionate leader that advocates for the people not only of District 5, but with all nine districts countywide.  It also takes a resourceful visionary leader to orchestrate the efforts in making a difference in helping to improve the quality of life for families, communities, schools, and businesses given a well prepared budget that sufficiently supports these and other socially responsible initiatives.  For example, small business development, entrepreneurship, financial literacy centers on major corners in communities, intelligent Quality Affordable Living (Homes), and family services that build stronger households through foundations of healthy family values and principles.  Thanks to many of you who have also expressed concerns about the tolling property taxes.  Mr. Slocum will fight to address and resolve this issue.  We must also involve the right partnerships in assisting families needing access to  quality and affordable Eldercare and Childcare around the clock.

There are so many topics and discussions to cover, but rest assure that it’s our time to take the battle to the Voting Polls and win.  Believe in the power of numbers when get woke and vote.  Your Vote Is Our Victory!!!

Improving Standards for Excellence

We're more than residents and citizens...we are District 5.  We encourage collaboration, community involvement, advancement of careers, financial security, and job creation.  Inspect to expect or another way of putting it is getting things done right.  Mr. Slocum believes that we must have Transparency, Accountability, and Performance without compromising Integrity, Character, and Ethics.  These are the same standards that many Prince Georgians displayed including the men and women that sacrificed so much to help pave the way.  We must also give back to those that have given so much over the course of their lives, but now they need our help.  More resources and budgetary line items should go toward helping our Veterans and Seniors live a better quality of life.

This goes without saying with Equal pay across the board for those discriminated against such as women, African Americans, Hispanics, and Latinos/Latinas.  Furthermore, disparate and discriminatory practices have negatively impacted black owned businesses, Hispanic owned businesses, Latino/Latina owned businesses, minority owned businesses, and women owned businesses.  

Small businesses help our economy and so do the people of Gorgeous Prince George's.  How do we get from here to there together and become proud Prince Georgians?  First and foremost, we must do better in protecting our children, families, seniors, women, and men from matters of concerns such as abuse and domestic violence.  Often enough, we are confronted with an ongoing crisis regarding individuals suffering from mental health, issues such as PTSD, behavioral, and emotional disabilities that may be beyond their ability to effectively cope or control. Each one teach and help one require a collective effort so others win by seeking the help needed. When the problem is identified, we must use the proper resources to get to the root cause(s).

What will it take to get more done? More allocation of funding is needed to find the underlying issue(s).  The funds will be used to assist with hiring qualified and properly trained professionals to help us understand more through research and findings to better counsel and help individuals manage circumstances.  These and other challenges exist in our communities and schools, sometimes negatively impacting adult lives and students' performance.  No child left behind was a powerful intitiative, but may have forced the hand of many school employees to do this by any means necessary.  We must achieve greatness by bringing resolve including closing the learning gap in our classrooms so that our students have a future to advance and become anything that GOD has purposed them to divinely do.  The future of Prince George's depends on preparing our youth for life not by any means necessary such as falsifying or manipulating grades or performance inside the classrooms.  We don't want our children to get by, but instead excel based on the strength of their own with the help of a solid rock World Class Educational system.  All students should be successfully afforded this  opportunity despite circumstances.

For those preparing for higher learning, there should be legislation to help lift the burden and financial woes of attending school and taking on the heavy load of debt or inability to paying back loans.  There is no doubt that financials matter; and with the help of enacted laws and policies that directly and indirectly impact change, as your County Councilmember for District 5, Mr. Slocum will fight for legislative action with a passion for results.

As a people of Councilmanic District 5, expect more, get involved, and voice concerns that will help shape the very laws impacting our communities, families, schools, businesses, and eConomic development.  This is a movement and every Prince Georgian has something invested here worth fighting for, improving, and protecting.  Exciting times are ahead and a keen vision of fresh ideas and opportunities await.  Expect more and get things done with a leader that is about the people of District 5 and County as a whole.  "It's Our Time" for results and its our time to thrive in District 5!  Now is the time to Vote because Your Vote Is Our Victory!!!

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